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7 Gates Portal to the Immortals


Donated Item

Sale of item will be donated to animal rescue groups and no-kill shelters.



Description from original spellcaster:

Imagine being able to ask any God or Goddess anything!  Imagine being able to talk to them and get any knowledge that you seek!  Imagine meeting with them any time you like!!!
How much would that be worth???  Priceless!!!
With this amulet you will have access to the immortals.
This wonderful amulet was cast with a few others by the 7 Gates Fellowship of the Ancient Arts. The 7 Gates is an elite group who only use Sumerian Magic.  Sumerian is the OLDEST form of magic known. This spell is over 6000 years old.
Their realm is absolutely amazing.  You will be taken by the hand by your Guide to a boat that will lead you through 7 gates to their realm.  Their realm is a beautiful cave with a huge round table.  As you enter the gates you will get different senses of energy that is amazing.
Once at their table you may ask anything from anyone.
Some talk through the mind and others you will hear.  They are Amazing.  Just have a tape recorder ready so that you can record everything the minute that you come back.
I have also noticed that you come back with different abilities each time you go. Your psychic awareness will increase with every trip that you make.
It is truly a unique and amazing experience and feeling that you do not want to miss out on!!! 
So, were you drawn here for a reason???
Are the immortals calling to you???
This special amulet is for anyone.  This amulet comes special with a Guide to take you to the Immortals.  All you have to do is recite the name of your 7 times with the amulet on or in your hand and you will go on a most magical journey.
The name of the Guide is given to ONLY the one who owns this amulet.
Vessel is jasper and silver.  It can be worn on you on a chain around your neck, keep in your pocket, or keep it in a charging box.
Charging Box included.


Pre-owned items may show some wear or tarnish on the vessel. Use proper cleaning methods for the metal (ie. silver, gold, etc.)


***Disclaimer:  Paranormal items affect each person differently.  Since this is a donated item, we cannot guarantee results.  Legal requires paranormal items to be listed For Entertainment Purposes Only.***


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