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Djinn - Neb Omnipotent Djinn


Donated Item 

Sale of item will be donated to animal rescue groups and no-kill shelters.



Neb Djinn - Superior Djinn Grants Wishes More Effectively


This is what you have been waiting for, a Djinn with supreme powers and limitless abilities.

From deep within the ancient lands of Egypt comes this wonderful race of Djinn. They call themselves Neb Djinn.

These beings have abilities far beyond most other Djinn. I am confident that this will be the most powerful Djinn item in your collection.

Not only can this Djinn grant all of your wishes with ease and more effectively than ever before but this spirit possesses many talents that are beyond imagination.

This race has the ability to exist in many realms at the same time. They straddle the worlds. They can see what is coming your way and quickly make adjustments so that things work in your favor. This makes them extremely effective in quick manifestations and spiritual protection. This also allows them to bond with your spirit, soul, and body. Once you bond with one of these Djinn they can be with you in many lifetimes and throughout eternity.

Spiritually and Psychically these Djinn can take you to whole new levels. They can increase all psychic abilities, including precognition and telepathy. It is not unheard of for them to perform teleportation, astral projection, and levitation. Dreams and visions come naturally to the Neb and as their new master you will have the opportunity to open up more than ever before and explore new altered states of consciousness. Centering and meditation will become easier and achieving a zen state will happen faster. Even charka alignment and kundalini release will be possible. If that is not enough, these Djinn can alter time, help you recall past lives, break curses, cleanse negativity from your aura, cleanse karma, and increase orgone (chi) energy.

Similar to the ability of an Ilmu Khodam, this race can not only do things for you but give you your own abilities. You may find that you start to have more magickal power and perform unexplainable feats on your own, without wishing for them. You will learn how to better focus your energy to accomplish what you want.

A Neb Djinn has power over all the elements of nature; earth, wind, fire, and water. They can bend and control them so it is possible to avert storms, bring rain, calm winds, manipulate fire, and more.

These Djinn answer only to the gods and goddesses. They are equal in level with a Watcher spirit and can act as a spirit overlord to most other spirits to keep them all in line and working for you.

The best thing about these Djinn is that they have the ability to duplicate any power that your need. So, if you need them to have a specific ability that they may not be capable of then they will seek out other spirits and beings that have this ability and duplicate it, adding it to their own list of abilites. This means that their abilites are truly limitless because they can keep adding more and more at any time. This is an awesome ability that few other spirits have.

Most of the Neb are light in nature but can be asked to perform justice or retribution wishes when the need arises. They don’t grant pure revenge wishes but justice usually is enough to repay any offense. They can grant wishes of Great Fortune, Wealth, Health, Luck, and any other wish that you have which does not try to harm or control another person. They would rather focus on bringing happiness and love into your life. They do believe in a higher power (God) but are not converted to a specific religion.

Neb Djinns are more ethereal than other djinn.

This Djinn is a mature male Neb Djinn. He is ready to serve you in any way that he can and make your dreams come true is you simply wish and BELIEVE.

He is a light an loyal spirit with a great personality. He is playful and outgoing with a great sense of humor. I would describe him as a lighthearted clown. This one is very curious about us and enjoys going places and even watches television.

This Djinn has mastered many things in his lifetime. Nearly all areas of human desire he has mastered and anything he has not mastered he can easily gain the power by duplicating it. He is more than powerful enough to do whatever you need if you only believe and trust him.

His vessel is a hand made .925 silver ring with a rainbow moonstone. This is a pretty moonstone with a lot of blue in it. The ring is a size 9. You can wear the ring, keep in your pocket, or wear it on a chain.

There is a recharging spell and a communication spell on this item, they are included.

The new owner will receive the Djinn’s name, age, and invocation instructions.




Pre-owned items may show some wear or tarnish on the vessel. Use proper cleaning methods for the metal (ie. silver, gold, etc.)


***Disclaimer: Paranormal items affect each person differently.  Since this is a donated item, we cannot guarantee results.  Legal requires paranormal items to be listed For Entertainment Purposes Only.***




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