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DJINN - Goddess Isis Djinn


Donated Djinn Spirit 

Sale of item will be donated to animal rescue groups and no-kill shelters.




Description from original spellcaster:



Bound within this watch is a Djinn of the ancient Goddess Isis.  Is she calling for you?

Have you ever seen anything as beautiful or as remarkable as this stunning ladies time piece? Richly coated in silver, and created with the linear beauty of an Italian design, and operated by the finest quality Japanese movements this is THE watch of a Queen - and that Queen is YOU!

A report published last year suggested that all women on earth today are descended from just five Goddesses. Could you be descended from the line of the Babylonian Goddess Istar, the Summerian Goddess Inanna, the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the Phoenician Goddess Astarte, or the Canaanite Goddess Asherah? Which Goddess are you descended from? Haven't you always felt like a Queen, and known you were a Goddess? 

Imbibed within this luxuriously silver coated ladies watch is the Djinn of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis! This mystical Egyptian Goddess of Rebirth and Queen was revered and worshipped as the Protector who brought Light to the Earth. Isis placed the sun up in the sky and was deeply revered by her worshippers. The Djinn of this most noble of Egyptian Queens and Royal mothers has now been imbibed into this beautiful time piece so that YOU can feel her power and commune with her so that she will come back for you - and take you with her down through the millenia to the temples of ancient Egypt where you too will be worshipped as a Queen and revered as a Goddess just as Isis was!

This beautiful and magical watch is extremely unique - not only in its elegant design - or because it has been imbibed with the Djinn of the Goddess Isis, but it is unique because it is a modern time piece for today's woman - the woman who KNOWS she is a Queen - the woman who KNOWS she is a Goddess - and a Divine ruler!

Lavishly coated in silver, and set with eight diamante stones to represent the constellations of the heavens this amazingly beautiful bangle watch will suit a small wrist and has been designed to reflect the timeless grace and beauty of the winged Isis. This watch has a high quality stainless steel back, a beautifully proportioned round face, a champagne colored dial, and is futuristically smooth all over so that it reflects the skies and clouds as you move and thus seems to become almost completely invisible as you wear it.

Vessel - Fits small wrist approx. 7.5"      



Pre-owned items may show some wear or tarnish on the vessel. Use proper cleaning methods for the metal (ie. silver, gold, etc.)

***Disclaimer: Paranormal items affect each person differently.  Since this is a donated item, we cannot guarantee results.  Legal requires paranormal items to be listed For Entertainment Purposes Only.***




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