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Find & Attract Kindred Spirits


Donated Item 

Sale of item will be donated to animal rescue groups and shelters.
Description from original spellcaster:

My Wiccan friend has consecrated this ring with a spell called "Kindred Spirit" that helps one find a very deep spiritual connection with another similar person.  This connection could be a friendship, the perfect love, or even a distant correspondence.  Regardless, this spell WILL assist one in finding a "kindred spirit" who shares in many of one's likes and tends to view life in the same manner one does.


This spell allows this by sending out positive energy that seeks another with the same "type" of energy patterns that one is emitting.  Then, it draws the two energies together, therefore assisting in promoting both people to actually "meet".  My friend says that this "meeting" may mean actually "bumping" into this person on the street or talking to this person online.  Still, she says that once one possesses this powerfully consecrated ring, one will "find" another similar type that they would have otherwise probably never met!


Vessel is .925 Silver ring with Blue and White Cubic Zirconia Gemstones, Size 9. VERY pretty and POWERFULLY imbued Magickal item!



Pre-owned items may show some wear or tarnish on the vessel. Use proper cleaning methods for the metal (ie. silver, gold, etc.)


***Disclaimer: Paranormal items affect each person differently.  Since this is a donated item, we cannot guarantee results.  Legal requires paranormal items to be listed For Entertainment Purposes Only.***



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