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Description from original spellcaster:



Get to know the spirits you keep on a deep level.

Up for your consideration is one of the most gifted human spirits I have had the pleasure to work with. Her name is Jenica and she lived to be 66 years old. I know Jenica very well for she has been one of my personal helpers for the last 5 years. She has been a blessing to both me and the spirits I keep. Jenica's abilities opened up vivid spiritual communication with spirits I thought I would never reach.

Jenica was gifted in life and she brought those gifts with her to the afterlife. Jenica remains with this ring and her talents are passed on to those who possess it. She is an Empath and also works as a Medium to aid both the living and the dead.

An Empath is a person who only needs to touch an object to read it. Any stored energy, thoughts, feelings or messages from just about anything can be picked up. You can touch a person and in an instant you will know what kind of energy that person has. Sometimes thoughts can also be read but be prepared, knowing what some people are thinking can be awful but at the same time is can be a true blessing.

If you are a collector of haunted objects then an Empath is a must have. If that item has been lacking spiritual energy you may find out why. Jenica is a wonderful talented guide and will teach you how to make the most of your new found gift. Depending on your experience you may start slow and as you grow accustom to your new gift it will grow in detail. Jenica will not overwhelm you with to many visions or thoughts until you are ready.

It has been a hard choice to let her go and some of you may want to know why. There are many reasons she is being offered but the main one is she and her gifts are needed elsewhere. There is a person out there who needs to reach the spirit world and Jenica is here waiting to help you. 

Her vessel is a small silver-tone ring. You can keep it in your pocket or wear on a chain.

Pre-owned items may show some wear or tarnish on the vessel. Use proper cleaning methods for the metal (ie. silver, gold, etc.)


***Disclaimer: Paranormal items affect each person differently.  Since this is a donated item, we cannot guarantee results.  Legal requires paranormal items to be listed For Entertainment Purposes Only.***


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